The everyday mission of Andemen is to manufacture pieces with a flawless design and an excellent quality. That is why each product is tested, examined and supervised under strict and rigorous surveillance controls.

We work together with a prestigious and exceptional team of designers for the creation and development of each product. We have a worldwide presence spread all over the five continents, and in an active development of expansion. Our products conceived us this international entity, reaching diverse markets from China to the USA, Australia or Europe, where the products are valued for their quality and design.

“Water is our most valuable resource on Earth, without it life would not be possible. In Andemen we are concerned about its scarcity, for that reason our philosophy  is based on designing faucets that provide beauty and harmony in your households, as well as efficiency and capability for reducing water consumption. ”

The innovative design and the avant-garde technique create the highest quality through components of excellent conditions. The design of our taps is created under ” AN UNIQUE AND STABLE VISION”. Taps enjoy a clean and refined appearance with perfect and ergonomic finishes, that make them an optimal product providing the space where it is installed a sophisticated and distinctive style.

The innate idea with which ANDEMEN has grown is the belief and certainty that the improvements and technological advances are a fundamental component for the constant growth. For this reason, ANDEMEN develops hand in hand with the most advanced technology applied to the whole industrial process.