About us

Andemen is operating since 2007. Is a company engaged in manufacturing and marketing faucets and sinks from China. In 2013, Andemen was established in Spain pursuing the expansion of our range of products in other European markets. Our logistic centre is settled in Valencia in order to distribute effectively the products in Europe. At the present times, our plant is 10.000 m2 commited to the manufacturing and storage, 126 employees and 2.000 m2 logstic centre in Valencia.

Andemen plant


Our team

We have a prestigious team of European designers who are responsible for creating and designing unique pieces, where harmony, the character and personality are hallmarks .

Our factory team is formed by more than 100 workers, who are in charge of the daily improvement and commitment with the most demanding standards of quality and industrial safety.

We take care of every detail so that the purchase experience is 100% satisfactory.

Our philosofy

Our pilosophy is to work passionately in the design and manufacturing of our products. We understand the kitchen as a vital area of any household, where people share and enjoy moments with their beloved ones. That is why our products give off beauty, balance and harmony, values that we want to be present in the kitchens where our sinks and faucets are installed.

Our design and technology

For us, the design is more than an aesthetical detail, it is a seal of quality and represents the perfect union betweem comfort and functionality. Our designs, seek to be in addition to beautiful, comfortable and practical.

Quality, technology, design and sustainability, are the values that entirely represent our brand.